Skin Care x Sensatia Botanicals

Ive been asked a lot about my skincare and how I keep my skin clear. I can tell you a few tips, and gonna go through the products I use that are by a local Bali based brand called Sensatia.

  • Drink lots of water (I know everyone tells you this but here I am telling you again)
  • Eating clean, fruits and veggies (not saying you cant have the occasional junk, I mean I do.. a lot)
  • Exercise!
  • Ocean, the beach, salt water and the sun all very good for keeping skin clear but dont go and burn yourself please. 


In the morning ill splash my face with some water then wash my face with Cleopatras rose cleanser , after cleansing I pat dry with a clean towel thats only for my face and apply a facial serum I will alternate between the acne one and the normal skin one depending on what my skin needs. A spray of cleopatras rose toner to let the serum sink in. 

At night I repeat the same process but after the toner Ill apply a deeper moisturizer so my skin can soak all the nutrients in whilst i'm sleeping, I use wild honey it says its a day cream but I use it at night and during the day when my skin is extra dry. 

We all get those days where we need an extra clean, once to twice a week ill exfoliate and apply a mask the clarifying scrub first followed by the acne clearing mask

Body Care:

Im pretty lazy when it comes to moisturizing and all, so I have 3 simple steps. On the daily ill apply seaside citrus body milk because its light and I live in a hot climate. Once a week ill scrub with the seaside citrus sea salt scrub to remove dead skin cells. Also heres a lil secret of mine, a good way to plump up the skin is to put coconut oil on your body and in a hot bath. When you come out your skin feels like a babys bum. 

Not to mention I use coconut oil everytime I go in the sun! 

check out Sensatia's page here

Hope this helped xx much love <3 


I first came across GLOSSIER before they released their first products, I was already so eager to try them out. Their brand is all about skin care first, then makeup (As their slogan says) I barely ever wear makeup, definitely not on a daily basis but with GLOSSIER I do. As it cares for my skin and enhances features. These are products I swear by, keep an eye out for their new "SUPERS" These ones are gonna be talked about a lot.

Glossier I love you
- Alessia xoxo

Photographed by Anastasia Morozoff

Products Used:
Glossier Phase 1 Set (apart from the skin tint)

Glossier Phase 2 Set:

** Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. By all means I genuinely love the brand and use it on a daily basis.

How Does Existentialism Make You Feel?

“The more conscious I was of goodness and of all that was 'sublime and beautiful,'the more deeply I sank into my mire and the more ready I was to sink in it altogether.” 
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes From Underground.  

Time is just an illusion, we are taught to think that the passing of time is reality. What if we just stopped and stood in the moment, without any of the worries of the time passing to fast or too slow? Us humans just as any living creature are quite remarkable, we carry all these traits and features. But we are taught certain things from the earliest of stages to make us think what everyone else wants us to think. Imagine if a child was born into this world without being taught anything, not being told what to do or this is the way you would have to do things. Here we would have someone that  hasn't been touched with the pain and grief of our so called system, but yet struck in a state of confusion.

“Leave us alone without books and we shall be lost and in confusion at once. We shall not know what to join on to, what to cling to, what to love and what to hate, what to respect and what to despise. We are oppressed at being men -- men with a real individual body and blood, we are ashamed of it, we think it a disgrace and try to contrive to be some sort of impossible generalised man. We are stillborn, and for generations past have been begotten, not by living fathers, and that suits us better and better. We are developing a taste for it. Soon we shall contrive to be born somehow from an idea. But enough; I don't want to write more from "Underground.”

 - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes From Underground

Think about it, question our existence. Are we living, breathing organisms or just a form of nothingness? But is nothing actually nothing, how can you come to the state of just being? Our bodies are made up of atoms, and atoms are forms of energy. Technically we are just flowing energy. You, Me and them. If I had to answer the question "How does existentialism make me feel?" Its probably impossible, id go into a psychedelic state of mind. Look at your fingers, your arms your body, touch your face all the gentle divine features. Is this all real? Are you sitting in front of a screen and reading the inner thoughts of my mind? 

“Nature doesn't ask your permission; it doesn't care about your wishes, or whether you like its laws or not. You're obliged to accept it as it is, and consequently all its results as well.” 

 - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes From Underground

Absurdity, its divine. A state of going crazy and not caring of anything but being in the exact moment you are at now.  As the dictionary states the definition of absurdity - "The quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable". This is a clear example of what I am trying to point out. Why is it that being absurd has to be unreasonable, what is unreasonable then? Going back to the title... Existentialism makes me feel crazy, it literally makes me go insane. But I love it, because it opens up different realms of my mind that I had no idea existed. There is no limit to it, the existentialist philosophy is infinite.



Personal Anecdote

Let the calm wilderness of the ocean embrace you, let her torture your soul with her scorn, before you submit to embrace her. For she is pure, unbridled, real, free and filled with love. I was born into a world of secrets, we all were. Our quest was to find the secret within us, the ones around us and to paint our path with beautiful colours.
I take my first sight to an emerald abundance, through every corner of my eye there are mysteries and stories only to be told with a hush tone. The ocean is the place for me. I’m falling in love with its serene brutality, the way it is able to love and hate all at the same time. The way it is calm and gentle yet to an instant, turns sinister, but still keeps its beautiful features for me to mourn and adore the pain and joy it gives me. Huge, massive extraordinarily big it is. A treasure chest, every unique creature is given a key into their own mysterious world, where they can interpret it in their own way. You weren’t just handed this key on a silver platter. A series of unfortunate and fortunate events fell into the path on my journey into the discovery of who I am.
Looking at it from above was the easy way into seeing the charm of what it has to offer, but I needed to dive down deep and dig into what I really could discover of myself. A little innocent creature, thrown into the depths of the mystical sea. My head has a strange way of functioning. It’s as if there are little pixies riding two bicycles and speeding really fast, and that stimulates what my thoughts are.
I wiggled my tail through the crystal particles of the sea to find my way into my passions. I encountered other peculiar looking fish who swayed their tails differently to mine, whose scales were different colours. I admired these fish, I found myself amongst all these creatures learning and feeding off their creative minds. I started peeping my nose into different things, trying out what was not so familiar to me. Failure was a big part of it, but that did not drown me. I want to be the impossible, that fish who went from seeing the depths of the sea all the same, to finding her discovery. I have learnt from my mistakes, they have kept me going. I am step by step painting my path with an immense of colours. Along the way there are many underwater caves that I can swim into, it will be me deciding whether or not to make the right choices.
I have come to learn that I have always been a unique fish, each and everyone one of us are. I continue to discover what my passions are, by feeding off others energy. I am most inspired when surrounded by the great. I keep my moral compass strong and my talents are always practiced. It has taken some time for the discovery of who I am and what I want. A third culture kid born into something unlike no other, it is the people around me and my personal motivations that keep me striving.  
**Personal Note, all the images are not mine and they have been sourced from Tumblr... xx If you know who they are by please advise me.




OMWeekend and I did a lil collaboration for you guys, featuring there oh so amazing Crops. Just in Time for V-DAY (Violence against women's day) 14th February 1 BILLION RISING. Stand up against women's violence and let everyone know how powerful us ladies are. 

Being a woman is a psychedelic trip through the mind and body, we are these creatures that have so much grace and elegance. A unique experience, our gentle bodies and crazy minds. Its hard to describe what being a woman is to me as its a crazy concept to think about, everyday is an experience and a learning lesson. We are strong powerful people who have potential to do everything, to me being a woman is the fact of being able to be you, bring our your inner feminity in your own way, not depending on other women or men to show who you are. Doing things we love making a change "shaking the earth" with our power. We are motivational humans.



Byron in the winter is chilly and crisp, not as hectic with tourists either but some days can be rainy and gloomy and others are sunny and cold which I love. For the days of the festival I stayed at a friends house in Suffolk Park.  

Splendour Day 1...

 Day ones outfit was velvet and suede madness by the babes of Liberated Heart, special thanks to you guys for dressing me up! Also some legendary heart tripper sunglasses by Froth Lyf.. oh and banging biker boots by DEAR MILU, that survived the intense mud.

Splendour Day 2...

I was all geared up in Arnhem the Label and had to go into Byron town to buy myself a pair of gumboots as I didn't want my baben leather boots to be destroyed. I found myself a pair of glittery gum boots and to who ever that knows me well, glitter is life.  Special thanks to Arnhem the Label and Froth Lyf.

Splendour Day 3.... 

 On Sunday I wore SPELL BYRON BAY and The Lovers and Drifters Club, thank you to all you guys and Froth Lyf for making me look funky everyday Much appreciated to all the brands and babes that supported me during the festival couldn't have done it without you.

Go have a look at all the labels I represented during the festival.

  •  Spell Designs
  • Liberated Heart 
  • Dear Milu
  • Arnhem The Label
  • The Lovers And Drifters Club
  • Froth Lyf
  • Pared Eyewear

ps: some images aren't mine as I barely took any photos during the festival, the majority are mine though xxxxx film photos coming soon!








Byron you have my heart

Byron you have my heart

Arnhem pre splendour party, with Tess Leopold and Emily Gurr

Arnhem pre splendour party, with Tess Leopold and Emily Gurr