OMWeekend and I did a lil collaboration for you guys, featuring there oh so amazing Crops. Just in Time for V-DAY (Violence against women's day) 14th February 1 BILLION RISING. Stand up against women's violence and let everyone know how powerful us ladies are. 

Being a woman is a psychedelic trip through the mind and body, we are these creatures that have so much grace and elegance. A unique experience, our gentle bodies and crazy minds. Its hard to describe what being a woman is to me as its a crazy concept to think about, everyday is an experience and a learning lesson. We are strong powerful people who have potential to do everything, to me being a woman is the fact of being able to be you, bring our your inner feminity in your own way, not depending on other women or men to show who you are. Doing things we love making a change "shaking the earth" with our power. We are motivational humans.