Personal Anecdote

Let the calm wilderness of the ocean embrace you, let her torture your soul with her scorn, before you submit to embrace her. For she is pure, unbridled, real, free and filled with love. I was born into a world of secrets, we all were. Our quest was to find the secret within us, the ones around us and to paint our path with beautiful colours.
I take my first sight to an emerald abundance, through every corner of my eye there are mysteries and stories only to be told with a hush tone. The ocean is the place for me. I’m falling in love with its serene brutality, the way it is able to love and hate all at the same time. The way it is calm and gentle yet to an instant, turns sinister, but still keeps its beautiful features for me to mourn and adore the pain and joy it gives me. Huge, massive extraordinarily big it is. A treasure chest, every unique creature is given a key into their own mysterious world, where they can interpret it in their own way. You weren’t just handed this key on a silver platter. A series of unfortunate and fortunate events fell into the path on my journey into the discovery of who I am.
Looking at it from above was the easy way into seeing the charm of what it has to offer, but I needed to dive down deep and dig into what I really could discover of myself. A little innocent creature, thrown into the depths of the mystical sea. My head has a strange way of functioning. It’s as if there are little pixies riding two bicycles and speeding really fast, and that stimulates what my thoughts are.
I wiggled my tail through the crystal particles of the sea to find my way into my passions. I encountered other peculiar looking fish who swayed their tails differently to mine, whose scales were different colours. I admired these fish, I found myself amongst all these creatures learning and feeding off their creative minds. I started peeping my nose into different things, trying out what was not so familiar to me. Failure was a big part of it, but that did not drown me. I want to be the impossible, that fish who went from seeing the depths of the sea all the same, to finding her discovery. I have learnt from my mistakes, they have kept me going. I am step by step painting my path with an immense of colours. Along the way there are many underwater caves that I can swim into, it will be me deciding whether or not to make the right choices.
I have come to learn that I have always been a unique fish, each and everyone one of us are. I continue to discover what my passions are, by feeding off others energy. I am most inspired when surrounded by the great. I keep my moral compass strong and my talents are always practiced. It has taken some time for the discovery of who I am and what I want. A third culture kid born into something unlike no other, it is the people around me and my personal motivations that keep me striving.  
**Personal Note, all the images are not mine and they have been sourced from Tumblr... xx If you know who they are by please advise me.