Skin Care x Sensatia Botanicals

Ive been asked a lot about my skincare and how I keep my skin clear. I can tell you a few tips, and gonna go through the products I use that are by a local Bali based brand called Sensatia.

  • Drink lots of water (I know everyone tells you this but here I am telling you again)
  • Eating clean, fruits and veggies (not saying you cant have the occasional junk, I mean I do.. a lot)
  • Exercise!
  • Ocean, the beach, salt water and the sun all very good for keeping skin clear but dont go and burn yourself please. 


In the morning ill splash my face with some water then wash my face with Cleopatras rose cleanser , after cleansing I pat dry with a clean towel thats only for my face and apply a facial serum I will alternate between the acne one and the normal skin one depending on what my skin needs. A spray of cleopatras rose toner to let the serum sink in. 

At night I repeat the same process but after the toner Ill apply a deeper moisturizer so my skin can soak all the nutrients in whilst i'm sleeping, I use wild honey it says its a day cream but I use it at night and during the day when my skin is extra dry. 

We all get those days where we need an extra clean, once to twice a week ill exfoliate and apply a mask the clarifying scrub first followed by the acne clearing mask

Body Care:

Im pretty lazy when it comes to moisturizing and all, so I have 3 simple steps. On the daily ill apply seaside citrus body milk because its light and I live in a hot climate. Once a week ill scrub with the seaside citrus sea salt scrub to remove dead skin cells. Also heres a lil secret of mine, a good way to plump up the skin is to put coconut oil on your body and in a hot bath. When you come out your skin feels like a babys bum. 

Not to mention I use coconut oil everytime I go in the sun! 

check out Sensatia's page here

Hope this helped xx much love <3