SuperStar Choker

Made with delicate grey velour and hand sewn glass studs. Inspired by the Sonic Youth song ' SUPERSTAR '. The album is called If I were A carpenter, which relates to handmade delicacies with a touch of femininity of the grey velvet and a hint of glam punk with the studs.

Made by yours truly with love in Bali

ps: I can make you one if you like <3 just message me


14808677_10202299188037335_1012404360_o (1).jpg

Production Standards

I couldn't find a store that sold different garments from different brands so I went to the nearest shopping centre and walked into 2 stores. As myself being quite tiny I always find it hard to find the right pair of bottoms, the sizes always vary depending on the shop and brand. In Top shop the denim skirt that sat low on my waste was a bigger size than to the low waisted jeans from Zara. Even though they both were low waisted the sizing was different and had a different fit. I tried on 2 pairs of jeans that were the same size and same cut but different colours they each had a different fit on the thigh and the bum. The sizes vary on different body types and depending on each material.

Your Audience

Who views my pages? For an assignment in my course I had to look at the analytics of my social media handles and look at who views my profiles. Interesting to see that 51 % are female and 49% are male from the ages of 18-24. So I have a balanced group of viewers, below are some graphs to show the most popular times. The top locations are Perth and London, the top country is Australia. The average visits monthly on my website is 3772 times. 31% of my viewers mostly visit the about page, this is a sign that I should alter my home page so that they browse the rest of my visual journal.

Your Product  Estimated Costs

Retail Marketing

Production Costs

To create this shirt, I learnt that if I was to produce a lot of garments I would need to find a cheaper way to make the product. But this is also because I had produced for 1 garment. I had to take my shirt to a tailor to cut the buttonholes as I didn't have the right equipment for it.


I created my mock up using a piece of card and stapled it together to create the shape of the purse i'd want, I then cut holes and attached 2 types of ribbon to see how I would create the stripes and my material of choice. One is cotton and the other is velvet.

The slideshow of images on the left shows the outside of a retail store in my local area. I think the window works particularly well and suits the location. I live in Bali and there aren't many department stores, theres little local shops on the side of the street. This store sells resort wear, jewelry and home goodies. 

Ive been lucky to take an introductory course on Visual Merchandising so I understand the basics, this window and entrance works well as its free of clutter on the door, the little orange flowers are inviting you to come in. The window products all work cohesively. The colours are coordinated as well. It also shows a taste of Bali and the area you are in.